by Nicole Morgan


Thank you so much Nicole for helping me change my life

I was feeling overwhelmed with my weight and unmotivated to push myself to do what I needed to do. One day at the gym I noticed Nicole training another woman and I thought to myself, that’s exactly what I need. I decided to do it and made an appointment with her. I’ve always eaten well, just way too much and was skipping breakfast. Nicole helped me with my meal plan, got me to record and report to her, making me accountable for what I ate. She also made a workout program specific to my needs, and changed it up daily to keep me motivated. Nicole is so encouraging, and knowledgeable it felt very comfortable to be with her. Don’t get me wrong, she does push you hard, just in a very respectful way making you want to finish the task. I was with Nicole for over six months, and only stopped seeing her as I moved away. In this time I lost about 40 lbs, gained muscle mass and reclaimed my self esteem. I have continued on with what Nicole has taught me and am down another 8-10 lbs. I bought my first pair of jeans in years and look awesome in them. This is a permanent life style change that I only could have done with her help and am still so thankful. I’m tearing up while writing this. Thank you so much Nicole for helping me change my life.

Arish Pritchard


I would recommend Nicole to anyone

I started working out with Nicole by luck. I entered to win a personal training session with her at a silent auction. I won and feel that I lucked out by getting her as a personal trainer. Nicole pushes me to lift weights that I never thought I was able to lift before. I was worried that it was to much but I’ve never been hurt or pulled any muscles. I was amazed as what I was able to do during my workouts in only a few sessions. I feel energized after working out with her. I would recommend Nicole to anyone.

Marnie Isherwood

Nicole’s classes are the way to go

If you are looking for a fun, challenging and interesting way to get healthy – Nicole’s classes are the way to go. Every class has variety and you are able to work at your own ability level. Nicole is great at motivating each person to do their best. She accommodates for individual strengths and weaknesses and adjusts the workout accordingly. Its a great way to meet new people and improve your overall fitness. Previously, I had chronic low back soreness – that is now gone because of the core strength work that we do at the end of each class. My overall strength has improved and is transferred into all aspects of my daily life – even my golf game!


You can count on Nicole to keep you pumped and inspired


When I walk into the gym feeling tired and convincing myself that I cannot possibly get through a whole class, Nicole flashes me her amazing friendly, positive smile and instantly I feel uplifted. You can count on Nicole to keep you pumped and inspired every squat, crunch and lunge of the way!

Beverley McCarron

The go-get em attitude that Nicole has is contagious


At a point in my life when change needed to happen and it wasn’t happening on my own, I chose to look elsewhere for the motivation and knowledge required to be successful in my goals of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. While working with Nicole I have had great success and have never been more motivated to stay on track. The go-get em attitude that Nicole has is contagious. This attitude made it impossible for me to not be excited about the changes that were happening and that would continue to occur. The support provided by Nicole through, e-mail, workout plans, recipes and general help with food suggestions has helped me to always feel as though I have a partner in the process. Nicole has made me accountable and her expectations are high; however this only makes me want to work even harder. I have learned very quickly that eating clean is not a diet but a lifestyle, a lifestyle that can easily be given up and is hard to get back to if motivation is low. With the help of Nicole I have made the decision that this will be the lifestyle I choose for the long term.

Kyla Young


I feel better, sleep better and wake up feeling positive

I had reached a point in my life where it was time to do more about my fitness level and health. I had not been part of a group exercise class in many years and I was worried how I would survive! I have to admit that I am loving it. I feel better, sleep better and wake up feeling positive and encouraged about the day. I am more conscious of what I eat and am finding healthy recipes even my family enjoy! It feels great to be eating well, getting exercise and just overall feeling better! Thanks Nicole for making the lifec hange both fun and rewarding!